carl gould

7 Stages of Small Business Success

By Carl Gould

Carl Gould is a business growth expert, mentor and entrepreneur. He built three multi-million dollar businesses by age 40, has mentored the launch of over 5,000 businesses, and has trained and certified over 7,000 business coaches located in 35 countries. Carl has written three best-selling books on business strategy and growth (Blueprint for Success, The 7 Stages of Small Business Success, and most recently Biz Dev Done Right). Gould regularly appeared on the home improvement reality TV show “This House Too,” and each week he co-hosts “Quit and Get Rich” on iHeart® radio. He is the MC for EO Nerve, and Facilitator of Breakthrough the Barriers and the Firewalk Experience. Carl is married with three children and is a member of EO New Jersey.