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No Matter What Happens—You Learn So Much, with Amy Anderson

Amy Anderson

Amy Anderson is the creator of Transformative Writing for Non-Writers, founder of Anderson Content Consulting LLC, and former senior editor of SUCCESS magazine. She’s an Emmy Award-winning writer and producer, content strategist and ghostwriter who has worked with clients like John Addison, Todd Duncan, John Assaraf, and Darren Hardy, as well as companies like Advisors Excel, Ryan and Dell. Today, Amy has turned her years of experience toward helping experts, coaches, and consultants write with confidence so they can build connection, inspire action and change lives.

What you will learn about in this episode:

  • Amy’s background
  • The writing coaching that Amy does with her clients
  • How Amy’s life changed after getting in a terrible accident
  • Why even if you’re on your own you need to treat it like a business
  • Why before you hire someone — you need to know the basics of what they’re doing
  • How to figure out what to offer your clients next
  • Pray, read, meditate: Amy’s consistent habits for success
  • Why you should write down your intentions for the day
  • Why you should keep your priorities to 3-4 a day
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