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Side Gigs with a Purpose, with Lisa Williams

Lisa Williams

Lisa Williams is the Chief Inspiration Officer of Perfect Side Gigs, a life and business coaching platform whose goal is to help people explore and identify a profitable and fulfilling side gig and arm them with the tools needed to be successful in their chosen business.

Lisa has been blessed with a successful recruiting career for over 27 years. She’s always gravitated towards a coaching approach to recruiting and after nearly 3 decades of market ups and downs, found her learning curve had waned and that she was feeling less joy in her day to day life of match making. The politics of corporate life got more complex. The clients she was working with seemed to also be asking, “is this all I am meant to do?” She wanted to offer more than just a job.

Lisa decided to take the advice she had given countless others and went on a journey to find HER passion and what she would do next in life. Through that journey Lisa entered the world of business builders and entrepreneurs. Lisa has taken the skills she mastered in corporate America and has shifted to helping others find their true passion and business pursuit.

Lisa’s PASSION, is helping people “hire themselves” through the coaching and business development training program at Perfect Side Gigs.  In this new age of the Side-Gig Economy there are many companies that offer fractional income opportunities, enabling people to create alternate income streams. The platform at Perfect Side Gigs helps create awareness around a number of those business pursuits.

One a personal note, Lisa is an Alaska girl born and raised, married with three kids, is a life-long learner, loves to travel, and sings in a praise band.  Those that know Lisa remember a time she helped them and would agree that Lisa’s faith is the biggest part of her life.

The mission at Perfect Side Gigs is to bring joy and passion to people’s lives through the principles of business building and entrepreneurship.  The pillars of her company are faith, family, finance and philanthropy.

The “why” behind Lisa’s own shift is simple.  She was living life less than she knew she was capable of living. She was meant to use her gifts to help others discover theirs.

The firm is dedicated to the memory of Lisa’s mom Sue Wiese and her dearest friend Elizabeth Meier.

She lost both of them to a horrible battle to cancer in the span of 10 months.  These were two of the most inspiring and God loving women on the planet.  They lived their lives with purpose, a heart for serving others and were lifelong learners until the day they went to heaven.

From Lisa: “I won’t know until I am up there with them why they are no longer with us, but I will make sure that I live the rest of my life with intention, purpose and discovery. I will grow into the women I was meant to become and my prayer is that our company can help others do the same!  Save some extra-dry Cooks champagne for me girls!”

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